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Therapeutic Filmmaking Institute

The Therapeutic Filmmaking Institute is a full service psychological practice engaging in therapy, research, and education related to therapeutic filmmaking. The Therapeutic Filmmaking Institute offers services for a broad range of needs, from insight development to grief and loss to overcoming post-traumatic stress disorder and beyond.

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Applying Therapeutic Filmmaking To Particular Presenting Issues

Therapeutic filmmaking may be applied in a number of different contexts. For those coping with the loss of a loved one, going through the process of collecting artifacts related to the lost person and coming up with a story about their shared relationship can help clients focus on what they want to remember and can…

What is Therapeutic Filmmaking?

Therapeutic filmmaking is an approach to therapy that combines, on the one hand, traditional talk therapy sessions with, on the other hand, the client’s first-person or auto-documentary filmmaking. This therapeutic approach is based on support from psychological research, film theory, psychological theory, and personal experiences with filmmaking. The process of brainstorming, writing, shooting, and editing…

What Does Therapeutic Filmmaking Look Like?

The therapeutic filmmaking process allows people to make sense of events that may have been experienced without words, or that were felt too deeply in the body to fully work through with talk therapy alone.  Therapeutic filmmaking allows people a unique opportunity to tell their story and learn from their experiences through the awesome power…

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