What Does Therapeutic Filmmaking Look Like?

The therapeutic filmmaking process allows people to make sense of events that may have been experienced without words, or that were felt too deeply in the body to fully work through with talk therapy alone.  Therapeutic filmmaking allows people a unique opportunity to tell their story and learn from their experiences through the awesome power of film as an artistic, therapeutic, and communicative medium.

Clients work with a psychologist to help them create therapeutic videos in a safe and secure environment.  Each session, they work through the stages of video production while talking about issues and coping strategies, telling their stories, and communicating what they want to say about themselves and their lives. When the video project is completed, clients take home a digital or DVD copy of their video, which they may want to share with others or bring back to therapy later on for further reflection and analysis. The video projects help focus and deepen therapeutic conversations, and can lead to powerful changes over time.

Want to learn more about how Therapeutic Filmmaking can be beneficial? Check out our post about the results of a Therapeutic Filmmaking study for more information.

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