Applying Therapeutic Filmmaking To Particular Presenting Issues

Therapeutic filmmaking may be applied in a number of different contexts. For those coping with the loss of a loved one, going through the process of collecting artifacts related to the lost person and coming up with a story about their shared relationship can help clients focus on what they want to remember and can provide gentle exposure to their difficult feelings of grief. Meanwhile, the psychologist can help structure the client’s grieving process and help the person make sense of their thoughts and feelings while developing regulation and coping strategies.

For someone coping with post-traumatic stress disorder, therapeutic filmmaking can help the client externalize their concerns and work with them in concrete ways, re-story their experience in a way that allows them to feel in control of a situation they may have otherwise been helpless in, and practice and review expressing thoughts/feelings that they may not have had the opportunity to express, contributing to a sense of closure.

For these and many other issues, therapeutic filmmaking can prove uniquely healing for many people, and with a DVD memento of their work, clients are able to share their work with others or engage in further analysis at a later time.

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